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We’re Featured in Field Guide To Vintage Trailers Book

By April 18, 2019 No Comments

We’re super excited to be featured in the just released book, Field Guide To Vintage Trailers. Check it out on Amazon here.   Amazon describes it as ‘A complete, illustrated A-to-Z resource for vintage trailer enthusiasts.’ One Amazon reviewer calls it ‘the Bible of vintage trailers’ – and it is! It is a compendium of all brands of vintage trailers, including Airstream and Shasta, made between the 1930s – 1990s.  The book is organized A-Z by the brand name of each trailer and provides illustrations of popular model years and photos of restored models.

Silvercloud Trailer Events® is featured in a section of the book entitled ‘Stores From The Field’ and highlights four businesses that are based on vintage trailers. The authors, Robert Thompson and Carl Jameson, are illustrators and authors that have a passion for vintage trailers. They contacted us last year to ask us to be included in their book. We are honored to be included in this wonderful book on vintage trailers.

Silvercloud Featured in Field Guide To Vintage TrailersAirstream Brand in Field Guide To Vintage TrailersBody Styles of Vintage TrailersShasta Brand in Field Guide To Vintage Trailers