Silvercloud Mobile Bar Trailer

Product Sampling in the Silvercloud Mobile Bar Trailer

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Whiskey Sampling From Our Airstream Bar Trailer

Hotaling & Co. a spirits distiller and importer, utilized our Airstream Bar trailer to sample four fine Canadian whiskeys at multiple events during the San Antonio Cocktail Conference. The Cocktail Conference is part of the San Antonio Cocktail Week whose mission is to celebrate craft cocktails including tastings and seminars.

Hand Shaved Ice & Canadian Whisky

Bartenders in our Airstream Bar Trailer handed out samples of The Northern Border Collection of whiskys that include Lot No. 40, Unapologetically Canadian, Gooderham & Worts & J.P. Wiser’s. Guests were given tastes of each whisky with hand-shaved ice in each glass. A Canadian camping scene was created for the sampling activation that included our vintage Airstream trailer bar and a yurt with a cocktail table with ‘wooden log’ seats for guests to hang out in while enjoying the whisky.

Northern Border Collection of WhiskysYSilvercloud Sampling TrailerHand Shaved Ice