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Micro Wedding Options From Silvercloud Trailer Events

By August 10, 2020 No Comments

2020 has proven to be a year unlike any other. And its also a difficult time for wedding couples who have been looking forward for so long to their perfect wedding day. Many of our clients are moving their weddings dates to 2021 but many are still keeping their 2020 wedding dates but they’re having to rethink what a wedding looks like in this ‘new normal’.

At Silvercloud Trailer Events, we are being very flexible with our clients to allow rescheduling if needed. For 2020 weddings, we are seeing that most clients want to have as many outdoor activities as possible in order to keep their guests safe. And due to local regulations on maximum capacity, wedding guest lists are being pared down to immediate family and a handful of close friends.

So, how do you have a fun and celebratory wedding with so many constraints? Micro weddings seem to be the answer. Micro weddings try to keep the same format of a typical wedding day (ceremony, reception, toasts, etc.) with a few changes.

The biggest change, of course, is the number of people. Most micro weddings are between 10-50 people. This allows for ample social distancing during the ceremony and reception. We are also seeing couples moving the ceremony to an outdoor location of the venue and all of the reception outdoors – even in the summer time.  We are seeing less buffets and more plated dinners to assist with social distancing guidelines. We are also seeing less dancing (except the traditional first dance) and more champagne toasts to celebrate the couple.

We are also getting a ton of requests for our Silvercloud Beer Trailers and our Silvercloud Prosecco Trailers. Our tap trailers dispense wine, beer, prosecco, cider and water on tap. Our tap trailers can be set up as ‘self-serve’ to allow your guests to pour their own beverages that have been flash-chilled by our dispensing system. This can be a great option for couples who want something unique at their 2020 wedding while choosing options that keep their guests safe.

Silvercloud Beer Trailer at The Plant At Kyle Wedding

We even have a self-serve ‘Open-Air’ GIF photo booth that is a great add-on to our Tap Trailers that allows guests to add face tracking digital props to their Boomerang and Animated GIF photos and post them immediately to social media and receive the photos by text or email to their phones. And this option is only a $499 add-on to any other Silvercloud rental package.

Contact us to learn more about reserving a Silvercloud Tap Trailer with GIF Booth add-on for your wedding day!