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Silvercloud Trailer Events® Mobile Bar Utilized For Elmhurst Nutmilk Brand Tour

By May 9, 2017 No Comments

Elmhurst Dairy – a 92 year old dairy processing company out of New York, recently rebranded as Elmhurst and jumped into the growing non-dairy milk industry. They now offer four varieties of non-dairy nutmilk — hazelnut, almond, walnut, and cashew. The nuts for their products are grown in California and arrive in New York for processing in the form of whole nuts – not as nut paste that many non-dairy brands use. The nuts are then minimally processed, without the use of emulsifiers, thickeners or stabilizers, by using a cold milling technique that creates a creamy, milk-like emulsion that keeps the nutrients of the nuts intact. Since Elmhurst’s nutmilk products are so creamy, they are the perfect substitute for cream in coffee and milk in cocktails. To spread the word about their awesome new products, they hit the road on a national activation tasting tour in an Elmhurst-branded Silvercloud Mobile Bar trailer. The mobile craft bar serves mocktail (faux-cocktail) beverages developed for each type of nutmilk they offer with names such as the Salty Squirrel and Nut Hopper. Elmhurst products are available at fine retailers, such as Publix markets, and direct from the Elmhurst website. Be sure to follow Elmhurst on Facebook and Instagram with the hashtags #elmhurst1925, #mocktail and #nutmilk, to stay up to date on their location.

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