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Social Distancing Products For Weddings & Events

By August 10, 2020 No Comments

We’ve had a lot of requests from our wedding clients to share tips on how to have a fun wedding day amid all the social distancing policies. We recently wrote a blog post about trends we’re currently seeing at 2020 weddings as we all try to navigate this ‘new normal.’

We also share tips with other wedding vendors on many Facebook groups and wedding networking sites. So, we wanted to share some social distancing solutions we’re seeing in the market that are helpful for wedding and corporate events.

Custom Face Masks With Your Wedding Logo

Since many parts of the USA are in locales with a mandatory mask ordinance, we thought this is the most important tip to share. Yes, your guests will have to wear face masks. No, they don’t have to be ugly.

So, we love this custom face mask from HootBooth. It’s available in 9 colors and you can add your wedding logo and any other artwork you want on the face mask. It’s also available in bulk quantities so you can either place a face mask in wedding favor bags or hand to each wedding guest as they arrive at your venue. Simply add your favorite color to their online shopping cart and they’ll email you to request your artwork. Your custom order is sent to you within 2 weeks. Simple as that.

Touchless Thermal Temperature Scanner 

To keep your guests safe, it’s important to ensure none of them has a temperature before entering your ceremony or reception site. This touchless kiosk includes a smart tablet with a thermal IR temperature scanner that performs temperature scans in under 3 seconds. It includes an optional alarm that will sound if a guest or vendor triggers the max temperature.

Hand Sanitizing Stations

Although not as high-tech as the touchless thermal temperature scanners, these touchless hand sanitizing stations are invaluable to keep your guests safe. They are cheap enough to buy several to place in various locations through your wedding venue. Just add any bulk hand santizer gel to the touchless dispenser. Be sure to buy hand sanitizer with 60% – 70% alcohol for the best infection control.